3D tailored eyewear is designed entirely around your face and your vision. Regular spectacles can be customised only to a certain degree. The frame and fitting are a given, and the lenses have to be adjusted to suit them. Yuniku, by contrast, uses a revolutionary vision-centric approach. It begins by assessing your visual needs and facial features. Advanced software calculates the ideal position of the lenses in relation to our eyes, and then 3D prints the frame based on those unique parameters. For the first time, you can enjoy the ultimate in optical precision, without compromising on style or fit.

Define your style

The world’s first vision-centric 3D eyewear

An extensive selection of frame designs lets you choose your colour, shape and finish. These are complemented by a single vision, progressive or indoor lens solution. To prevent scratches and make cleaning easy, all lenses come with the most durable anti-reflective coating on the market today.*

Using state-of-the-art technology, your optician will scan your facial features. Based on the scanner data, an automatic sizing recommendation is made. This ensures not only the best frame fit for exceptional comfort but also the best style for your face. A virtual image shows you exactly how you will look in your new eyewear. Not completely satisfied? The frame can be changed in the Yuniku system until you are.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Ask your optician about Yuniku today and benefit from:

  • Made-to-order eyewear that puts your vision first
  • Perfect frame fit based on your individual facial features – no more pinching or rubbing
  • Exclusive selection of frame designs, colours and finishes to suit your lifestyle, look and visual needs
  • Advanced software that lets you see exactly what you will look like in your selected eyewear
  • Personal fitting and aftercare advice upon delivery


*NSL Analytical ESWaT, 167 premium HMC products, August 2015