What wearers say

You know from experience that one size never fits all, especially when it comes to eyewear. There are too many variables. In a recent study, wearers were asked what they look for most when buying spectacles.* This is what they said.

“I choose a model depending on whether it looks good on me and whether I like it”

(Mabel, 26)


“It’s very important to have the right lens design for the real needs of the eyes”

(Paolo, 48)


“I think every optician should measure your face, because every head and face is different”

(Yara, 35)


“I look for the latest lens technology”

(Noelle, 57)


“It would have been valuable to experience how different features and properties actually affect your eyesight, as this is very hard to imagine”

(Katharina, 30)


Yuniku 3D tailored eyewear meets all of these requirements.

* Firefly Millward Brown, study among 91 spectacle wearers in 4 European countries, April 2016